This is me, Madhuri Geluk, and this is where I live, hiding in a remote place in the mountains of Ireland.
In the winter, you may find me in the Babaji Ashram in North India "Haidakhan Vishwa Mahadham"; Check it out at babajicalling.com it is well worth a visit.
Since I was a teenager I have been practicing all kinds of yoga. I the 1980s I had the tremendous good fortune to meet my Guru Shri Muniraji Maharaj. I have been practising Haidakhan Sadhana ever since.  The artwork and music is part of my practice.
Of course I also take commissions for pictures or will come to your centre and do the work right there. I may be available for Bhajan Singing and Puja as part of your workshop.   I am also available to cook delicious vegetarian food.

Tantric Art

The  following pieces of art are a selection of paintings by Madhuri. They are inspired by her devotion to Maha Kali Ma and all Her aspects, Shiva Mahadev and all His aspects and the ecstatic union of both , the result of which is the entire created universe.

The term 'Tantric Art' is applied here to indicate that the painting is part of her yoga discipline. All these paintings are executed as an act of worship and meditation and as such are the embodiment of the depicted deity, either in the form of a traditional image or as yantra.  Puja has been performed to all upon completion.

These images may be used in the home simply to enhance the atmosphere, as a feng shui aid or, better still, as objects of worship and/or meditation; so that we may obtain the darshan of the deity involved.

It is beyond the scope of this website to go deeper into the mysteries of Tantra Yoga, only a short description is given with each image. It is up to the interested person to do further research into the subject.

Please enjoy looking through the gallery. If you wish to obtain one of these paintings to place in your home, it will certainly work for you.

Om namah Shivay