Tantric Art

The art of sensual erotic tantric massage

Tantic massage is an ancient technique that use massage with sensual touch. The erotic tantric massage focuses on bringing the ultimate in sexual pleasure using very specific tantric practices. The combination of massage and tantric methods brings a multitude of benefits, well beyond just sexual pleasure.

Erotic tantric massage is about focusing on the most underestimated sexual organ, the skin.  Through the use of sensuous touch of the skin, you can dramatically enhance erotic stimulation. By focusing on the many nerve endings found in the skin, your body awareness is enhanced. The massage makes use of various massages techniques and music to enhance the mood. This type of massage can be done at a health facility or in the privacy of your own home. With training, couples can learn to treat each other.

What  is erotic tantric massage

Tantric massage is all about sensuality and heighten senses and arousal. During the massage the receiver and often the giver are both fully nude. Both are nude to balance and transfer the sexual energy. It encompasses total stimulation of all the erogenous zones of the recipient. The massages ends with multiple orgasms being experienced by the recipient. We have had some women have over 20 orgasms within an hour.

It is a common belief that all tantric massage is followed with intercourse. This is not true. Now there are techniques that are applicable during tantric/sex massage. But those are not as frequently practiced as one would believe. You have to reach a very special level of energy bonding before this is advised, as it rush for sex that is typically found in couples, breaks down the entire tantric process.

During the massage, every part of the body is activate through sensual touch, including the primary erotic zones such as the yoni (vagina) and lingam (penis). During the early parts of the massage, the entire body is active, in fact, the erogenous zones are avoided to build the energy. The recipient begins lying on their stomach as the giver works the body from head to toe. Once the body has its tension released, the recipient moves onto their backs. Once again the massage covers then entire body, and in the early part, the erogenous zones are still avoided.

Once the body is ready, the work slowly begins on addressing the erogenous zones (yoni, breasts, lingam). The process is slow and drawn out to heighten the senses. This is a very gentle, sensuous touch that slowly builds the sexual energies. Eventually sexual release, orgasm is achieved. The massage continues bring more and more, often increasing in intensity.

The massage ends with a “cool down” massage to once again take the focus off the erogenous zones and spread the positive energy throughout the body. Couples will often lie together for closure, skin to skin, which helps with bonding and reduces stress.


Benefits of erotic tantric massages

During erotic tantric massage your will experience a sensual touch which is very relaxing mentally, physically and even emotionally. It will stimulate the flow of blood throughout the body releasing tension for the muscles. This boosts your energy and creates a happy mood that provides many physical and mental benefits. Experts have shown that tantric massage reduces blood pressure and release endorphins which contribute to an overall well being for several days after.  It can bring a sexual healing and awakening. By doing away with sexual inhibitions that can repress the pure pleasure the body is capable of providing. It will bring a special closeness and intimacy to couples. Emotional healing very often is a result. The reduction of stress creates so many health benefits including reduction of blood pressure and depression.